March 12, 2018 Snow

Snow March 12, 2018

We experienced a late season snow in Greensboro.  Local TV stations are saying the last time we had one this late was March 1992. For today, here’s how it went in the back yard… Started snowing around 10:15am.  Very large, wet flakes.  This continued until around noon, at which time it changed to a rain/sleet mix.  This mixture continued until approximately 2:00pm and then switched back to a lighter snow.  The snow finally subsided around 5:15pm.  I went outside around 6:00pm and measured the snow, which averaged two inches depending on where I stuck the ruler.  Of course, the most snow was on the trunk of the car which hadn’t been driven in a few days. Officially, at Piedmont Triad International airport (NWS office) the official measurement was 1.3 inches. Of course, any time it snows, I try to find time to take my RC vehicle out for a run.  The vehicle is 1/10 scale, so, no, we didn’t have a foot of snow (as the picture might suggest)! The WeatherTrek Team