Welcome to WeatherTrek.

This is a hobby website for my personal weather stations, of which I currently have two and counting. For those of you familiar with my previous website (by the same name), it was primarily dedicated to providing weather information including forecasts, weather radar, climate data, etc.  However, that site was conceived over 15 years ago when there were no smart phones and weather information wasn’t instantly available at one’s fingertips.  The old website actually served a purpose, and received a couple of public safety acknowledgements in the early days.  However, over time it became very time intensive to maintain and keep updated. Not to mention that the old weather software programs we were using are no longer supported and very much out of date.  It actually went untouched for over 5 years until one day a friend suggested I either fix it or take it down.

So, times change, and so must we!  As time permits, I will approach this website more as a personal hobby which will still include personal weather stations, weather data, and weather services.  I will need to become familiar once again with webpage coding and also will experiment with software modules and other more recent approaches.  This website may also branch out to my other interests of late which includes RC vehicles, rail fanning, and a couple of software gaming titles. My associated blog posts will chronicle my excursion into a new frontier.  You’re welcome to join me!

As you have guessed by now, this new site is very much in the beginning stages.  Those looking for actual weather information may find it here via a link to the NOAA website.

Also, I now have a link to a more detailed “under construction” representation of my weather data.  Finally, you will find limited data from my Davis Vantage Pro weather station in the widgets below.

The table below shows the daily current, high and low temperatures from my weather stations, and KGSO at Greensboro PTI for comparison.  In the future, we will expand this to show other weather values as well.

The WeatherTrek Team

Disclaimer:  Never make decisions which could affect life and/or property based on the information contained within this website.